Who we have to vote for because John Kerry should not be president.
I am Soooo voting for Ralph Nader!
by decided voter October 14, 2004
Perhaps the most misunderstood politician in the United States. The so-called "liberal" has written books on how to SAVE money and spend your money wisely.
Ralph Nader is a true progressive.
by The Drafted's guitar player August 14, 2005
(n) 1. A politician who would have won the 2000 election if Al Gore didn't steal almost all of his votes and then have his brainwashed supporters turn around and falsely claim that said politician stole Al Gore's votes, because (according to their twisted form of 'logic') all votes truly belong to Democrats until people such as said politican use their evil satanic powers to convince people that elections are not horseraces and that voters should vote for who thay think should run the country, and not necessarily who will win.
Ross Perot was George the Elder's Ralph Nader.
by CommieDog July 19, 2005
A good man who would make a somewhat good president but won't be elected because America won't allow a third party to gain political office. If he would choose either Republican or Democrat then he might have a chance except Republicans won't accept him because he's not rich or stuck up and Democrats won't accept him because he's not a freak or of a minority group.
Cmpaign now: Ralph Nader '08!
by ananomyous June 29, 2005
A vessel used to throw away votes. While he deseves a great deal of respect he does NOT deserve to run the country. This country would run him. In the mean time he'll just continue to fuck up elections for people who might actually be able to win an election.
"That girl just Ralph Nadered her vote. Looks like four more years of republican pandering and bullshit."
by cOASTAL pOSTAL February 27, 2008
what you say when you are pissed.
by MTbrain February 26, 2010
the best term for weed ever, cause ya know hes from the green party.
yo you wanna smoke some ralph nader?

you know it hook it up.
by Don L January 23, 2008
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