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Samurai(from 1600-1868)who formally abolished their title for reasons varying from regret over those they had killed to the death of a master, lover or close friend. They rebuked their title and wandered around Japan with their swords, keeping them as grim reminders of their pasts. Often times they had no money and lived off the generosity of others.
Rurouni were frowned apon by the Shogunate
by ananomyous July 23, 2005
A good man who would make a somewhat good president but won't be elected because America won't allow a third party to gain political office. If he would choose either Republican or Democrat then he might have a chance except Republicans won't accept him because he's not rich or stuck up and Democrats won't accept him because he's not a freak or of a minority group.
Cmpaign now: Ralph Nader '08!
by ananomyous June 29, 2005
samurai who were trained by rebel groups in the latter 17th century to assasinate heads of the Shogunate
hittokiri refused to be ruled by the Shogunate
by ananomyous July 23, 2005
A social class of people started in the latter 13th century who usually started training at dojos when they were eight or nine. After graduating from these dojos they usually joined the military ruled by the Shogunate or Shogunafter the Sengoku war when the Shogun became the supreme power more samurai came to the scene and joined the Shougnate however these samurai became dogs of the Shogun thus leading to small rebel groups trying to oppose the Shogun, but none were sucessful until the bakumatsu war began. Some samurai rebuked their title and became rurouni. Samurai disappeared after the Meji era. Today many manga artists over-glorify the samurai as cool, good-hearted people but in actuallity most samurai were cold-blooded killers
Samurai is also the name of a cool amusment park ride
by ananomyous July 23, 2005
Japanese for Tone-deaf
That CD sucked! They're all karaoke
by ananomyous July 08, 2005
FDR Freaking Deadbeat Retard
by ananomyous July 10, 2005
One of the worst American Presidents ever to gain office. A man who based his entire campaign on saving the economy ruined by stupid people over-working corporate America then blaming Hoover, FDR took this opportunity to use fruity words to win over retards who believed him while he was really trying to make Hoover look bad. He used his political office to get people to ignore the fact that he was married to and had six kids with his slutty cousin. With stupid organizations like the NRA and the fact that he was known to spend weekends on his luxury yacht with his family sipping champagne while working class people went to bed hungry made the Great Depression last 6 years more than it needed to then eventually sending us blindly into a world war. Ultimatley a stupid, prudish, incestual, money hungry pig!
You're in love with your cousin? You're almost as bad as Franklin D. Roosevelt!
by ananomyous June 24, 2005

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