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An online game created by softnyx, who also created Gunbound. It is a fairly good game, but it has major lag and you can't get into certain rooms if your connection speed is different than someone in the room.

The beta version is only out right now, and you can choose up to 4 types of characters. You gain experience and level up, too.
<Guy 1> OMFG! Rakion lagz like crazy!
<Guy 2> I know, it's gay!
by Chris337 December 02, 2005
An entertainment game created by Softnyx. They also made Gunbound and Wolfteam. It's an exciting fighting game with 5 jobs to choose from : Blacksmith, Archer, Swordsman, Mage, Ninja. You also get to choose how good your character is by : buying rakion items/adding correct stats/mastering fighting ANY way you like. It has ALMOST the same controls as the famous game, counterstrike :source. It's ALMOST as exciting too. It's hard for people to hack it because hacks are automatically detected, even if a hack went undetected, they would be banned in a couple of hours. It's simple and easy to make friends, as long as you don't : Complain/hate. You can play five different games. Golem (fight others or golems), Boss war ( fight others, most likely the opponents boss), Solo death ( fight others), Team Death ( fight others with the support of others), Stage ( fight monsters with the support of others). Occasionally the chatroom ( outside of any games) has interesting chats.
<Man A>Rakion's gay, they have all the Pu's
<Man B>Well, ur poor
<Man A>LOL, like i'd waste my money on this, it's not like i need rakion more than i need food, u no life
<Man B> Well that's ur fault
by Tobi-senpai-owned-you July 11, 2008
Rakion is a Online game. Great game played by people who have a few minutes to spare or even a few hours. Has a good veriety of Charecters, Mage,Warrior,Ninja,Blacksmith,Archer.
Of course some take some advanced skills in the game to use. Its player friendly for anyone 12 or over. Use to have some lagg issues but with the frequent updates it keeps hackers and lag out. If u still lag its not the game. Get better internet.
Rakion Is the game of Champions
by NathanExpl0sion February 24, 2008

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