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A name for an Indian person from India. In general represents the ultimate multifaceted person. Someone who is smart, funny, and a great friend. He is also known for being a compassionate caring lover, while being a terrible enemy to have. Is also known for being a walking contradiction, he will say something but he'll do the exact opposite. A Rakesh has no one main skill because he's so good at everything. He's also known for having a strange sense of humor that only an elite group are able to get.
"My ex-boyfriend was named Rakesh so it's really hard to find someone to match that."
by OmegaRedX July 16, 2009
A male taxi driver
I recently got picked up by a rakesh yesterdayrakesh taxi
by Taxi driver May 17, 2016
Rakesh is the name given to an extremely efficient Indian web developer or SEO expert. They are very useful as they are both more talented and economically viable than their western alternatives. Their main skills involve; Web design, web development, seo, backlinking, article submissions, facebook friends, online marketing, ppc management and much more.
Web Design Company Owner: "Our client says he wants to be top of Google, can we do that?"

Web Developer: "Yeah sure i'll just rakesh it."
by BenDamage October 13, 2010
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