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The kind of person who enteres a beauty pagent and loses. Above their station, thinks to much of themselves, says things like 'I don't need to wear make-up, make-up is for ugly people' ...sweetie, lets buy you a mirror shall we?!
The kind of girl who pretends (and probably genuinely believes) that everyone is hitting on her

"Calm down u rajdeep, next time I'll ask someone else what the time is"
by bitch slappp August 21, 2009
The other definitions are bullshit. Rajdeep is normally a good guy with an amazing charisma. The other commentators are just upset that they don't look like Hrithik Roshan.
Guy 1: "Who is that guy over there hitting up your bird?"

Guy 2: "That's Rajdeep and I'd let him fuck my mum if he asked."
by Rnaodm August 28, 2014