A slang term for male ejaculation.
"I totally rainbowed all over that girl last night"
by sean & nina July 11, 2005
A drink made solely from bodily fluids - semen, urine, crap etc.
by Oz March 16, 2003
Going down on a girl at the time of the month
I went down on my girlfriend while she was ragging last week, it was a bit nasty, but she gave me a blowjob to make up for it.

Oh, Rainbow... nasty
by Rontabatha May 27, 2008
A happy outgoing cow-hating bot whos better than nazbot (see nazbot definition)
A happy outgoing cow-hating bot whos better than nazbot
by :) December 16, 2003
To cum in someone's mouth and pass it on to another mouth
She rainbow'd her boyfirend after ivin head
by guy January 29, 2005
A slut.
A person who is easy to get, who unabashedly throws themselves at another, or who puts on a slutty act.
(Not overly offensive, often used among friends.)
She does every guy she meets. She's such a rainbow!

Oh, my God, I can't believe the way you dance; you're such a rainbow!
by M. V.L. M. February 09, 2004
what gay people stole
Gay Ted: I love rainbows
Normal Person: Fuck you, cause of queers i can nerver look at rainbows the same
by k-slave May 17, 2008

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