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Lawrence is turning into a Rainbow Rider. He's been acting kinda fruity lately.
by dabmaster101 May 24, 2016
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n. A man who will pitch for, or get blown by, a gay man but maintains that he is 'straight'.
Girl 1: You can't go out with Tommy, he's a total rainbow rider.
Girl 2: What?!
Girl 1: Yeah, I heard he bent that emo kid, Jake, over the concession stand last week.
by Noninimicus February 18, 2013
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V: jumping on the back of a fag/dike person, and riding them for at least 5ft. and fleeing the scene without getting caught, and remain unidentified.(WARNING: THIS MOVE DOES NOT WORK ON TRANSEXUALS)

Note: Rider must yell "I AM NOT GAY" after the ride is over.
person one: hey i dare you to RainbowRide that gay kid over there.
Rider: alright.
*rainbow ride successful*
gay guy: *looks around* "what the hell, was i just attacked?, i gotta tell someone about this!"
person one: Your now a rainbow rider.
by dixiedownsyndrome, ut December 23, 2011
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A guy who is getting blown during a rainbow ride, thus being a rainbow rider.
the rainbow rider's penis was getting very colorful by the end of the night from all of the lipstick.
by treble_clef September 10, 2006
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Someone who likes to be on top of gay dudes.
by honder January 16, 2012
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a male who is gay, and goes by the name tree. rainbow riders tend to enjoy the color green and love any bright colors in general. they love to be hyper and are very immature.
Ed: hey Tony what do you think of John.
Tony: gosh, he's such a rainbow rider.
by THE Rainbow Tree January 16, 2009
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