(v) to exert your muscles to keep fit using gym weights and equipment; the main intention is to increase muscle mass and muscle endurance, but the activity may also increase physical attractiveness and one's ability to score
"Well Duncan, it seems as if the female specimens in this tavern have been glancing your way lately. Why, have you been exerting your bicep muscles by raising heavy objects?"

"Spot on, my dear chap! I have been railing this past week like a madman. But railing like a madman will do no good if you feed your body mutton lard and haggis. Why, you need to eat nutritious and healthy meals to maximize your effort in the weight room!"
by Old Man Squash January 30, 2012
Top Definition
a line of any powered drug
this includes but is not limited to:
2.crystak meth
3.special k
4.crushed up pills (vics, addys)
"blow that phat rail"
by Anonymous July 25, 2003
To fornicate with, without regard for emotional attachment.
I want to rail your sister, hard.
by Cliffy September 01, 2003
To fuck a chick really hard and roughly. Usually involves kinky and dirty positions and the guy's intent is to often cum in her face, finish the job, get maximum pleasure in a minimum amount of time...so he can move on to rail the next girl.
Wow, Lauren is hot. I'm gonna rail her tonight and she won't even know what hit her.
by Arieh August 22, 2006
lines of the drug cocaine, which are then snorted
"snorted some fat rails before"
by cristoforo April 08, 2006
To snort a line of any drug.
I bought 2 ecstacy rolls, crushed them up into a powder, racked up a few lines and railed them.
by Diego October 05, 2003
to sniff a line of a powder drug eg"coke, rit
Yo, rail this fucken coke
by Sk8ordie May 16, 2003

1. A line of cocaine cut up on a table, preferably a mirror.
Julie blasted a couple of rails before heading to the party.
by Shamus February 06, 2003
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