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Hotness. Has been infected with the disease of sexy. Much used as a compliment in many cultures. Calling someone "Rahat" is a benfit out of the doubt.
"Yo, man, you look Rahat in those pants"
"Really?! That's exactly what I was aiming for, I'm sooo happy I'm Rahat enough for you!"
"Yeah ma, why don't you call me?"
by coolestchingching January 26, 2009
Rahat means shit, crap in Romanian, but can also mean Turkish Delight - that jelly stuff.
Am cumpărat un corn cu rahat.
I bought a croissant with turkish delight.

Am intrat intr-un rahat mare.
I went into some deep shit.
by ZAn_Ton March 20, 2009
aka oversized beanie / tea cosy hat. Worn mainly by "ra's" (see accompanied by floppy hair and a sense of superiority. Highly unfashionable among normal people.
Look at that fool in his ra hat.
by al65 January 25, 2009
1.a small wombat like creature dwelling in holes and boxes which he scavenges from the tips. often swept away but always does his very best and isn't the only one in that situation and their there for him.
2. often used as an insult meaning idiot, small, round.
1. man 1 : omg dont startle it
man 2: is that a.. rahat??!

2. man 1: i ate my pants
man 2: u rahat...
by drangeplacefantasydrive March 30, 2009
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