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A form of syncopated music with a lively melodic line and a steady bass line that was popular from 1890-1920.
"Maple Leaf Rag"(1899) and "The Entertainer"(1902) by Scott Joplin.
by ragtimebuddy April 29, 2005
68 16
Something that someone says that another considers foolish; absurd; an absurd comment
"Oh Carol, you're talking ragtime."
by MoxiliciousK2 April 22, 2007
43 16
when a female is on her period, time when all normality takes a vacation; a week or so when all normality is null and void (no negotiations!), 'that time of month',
1.) "If we go out drinking tonight, I can't have TOO much fun. It's rag time, so I can't pick up any guys."

2.) "Sorry, Honey. It's rag time so we can't fool around."

3.) "This dipshit at the bar THOUGHT he was a player with some game, but he was WICKED trashed! I just had to take the opportunity and see to it that the player finally got played, so I didn't tell him it was rag time (and he never even found out! What a dickwad!) ."

4.) UGH! It's rag time!"
by abnrml March 20, 2010
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When a female goes through that certain period of her menstrual cycle.
Dude, look at your pants...I think it's ragtime.
by Joe W. September 10, 2004
46 58