When engaging in sex with seated, out of nowhere say, "I got AIDS!" Then try to hold on to your partner for as long as possible. Could be used as a compotition between cronies.
Girl: Oh it feels so good.
Guy: I got AIDs (Hold On Tight)

Raging Bull
by Squeak Scolari April 05, 2006
Top Definition
A near-lethal cocktail of pure testosterone. Drinker's beware:
A Four Loko(any flavor), a Red Bull, Four Shots of 80 proof liquor(pref. vodka), and a male enhancement stimulant of your choice(Black Pearl, Viagra, etc.). Be prepared for a night of shenanigans and a feeling similar to a high dose of cocaine and a meth like experience.
Yea, Nic did a raging bull last night. He taxed that girl for hours. While Mike, on the other hand, choked out two people and threw them through the wall after finishing his bull.
by MastaMind93 November 11, 2010
The best movie of the 80's. A powerful, raw and poetic masterpiece.
-Raging Bull is the greatest movie of the 80's. Don't you agree Arlo?
-No, I am going to say-- Taxi Driver.
But that came out in 1976.
-Oh, then Evil Dead II.
-You're a dumbass.
-I know. I am about to leave for the Korova Milk Bar, chat later. We're talking good horrorshow.
-Peace out bitch.
by Wes December 10, 2004
When men have sex with their partern and grabs here by the head pulls her back and says " I have AIDS" time it and see how long you can ride her.
i whisper into my girlfriend's ear i have aids i held on for 5 minutes it was a great raging bull.
by howling fjord November 15, 2009
As you are having sex call your partner by a different name. They'll get upset and try to get you off of them and you hold on for as long as you can...bull ride style...
I rode the raging bull for a full 10 seconds.
by aleximir October 10, 2007
you begin to have sexual intercourse with a famale or male and you then to proceede to tell him/her that you have AIDS and try to stay in as long as you can!
yo man, when i was banging that chick last night i gave her a raging bull and i stayed in for TEN SECONDS! thats so fucking long. But then she punched me in the face....
by david beckham April 06, 2005
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