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A gut wrenching, hand cletching shit that feels as though you are birthing a baby through your butthole. this massive shit will not only destroy your anus, but also clog your invest in some rid-x. p.s. this usually happens when enraged...possibly on steroids.
My friend hit the gym hard, and later preceded to take his anger out by taking a Rage Shit, which destroyed my bathroom for days.
by Domineezy fur sheezy March 04, 2011
To rage so hard you shit your pants.
Oh man, Greg rageshit so hard when the Broncos lost!
by rockinbezos January 16, 2012
Rage shit - A different approach to the original "Rage Quit". See example below -

Similar rules apply to "Rage Quit" however, this has a smelly twist to it. As opposed to quitting from a game when enraged with pure anger and hatred for your opponent. The victim, suffering with rage shit tends to take a shit to calm down.
Guy 1 - "Why are you raging so much?"

Guy 2 - "This game makes me so fucking mad I'm about to Rage Shit"

Guy 1 - "What?"
by RageShit September 07, 2011

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