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A totally amazing friend. The one you could talk to for hours and never get bored. One of the most beautiful girls I have ever seen is her. They have an awesome personality and will not let anybody else tell them other wise. So if you see a Raelynne, make her your friend, you wont regret it :]

Oh and did I mention she is B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L.
by Jonathan's the name [: February 07, 2011
35 6
Someone who is a massive skank, someone who no one will ever look up to, and someone who will never have your back. Do not make friends with a Raelynne because the will never be a good friend. They're usually ugly, but they think they're so gorgeous. No one likes them and no one ever will.
We all HATE Raelynne.
by Mystery Girl3123018 February 04, 2010
6 54