A Badass Motherfucker that will stand up for what he believes, double cross his closest friends for pussy, and carries a homemade shiv made from scissors under his belt under his belt.

Not Raiden, form Mortal Kombat or Metal Gear Series, but Raeden.
Phil: Hey, who's that dude that threatened to shank that guy made fun of the nerds

Alex: Raeden, that kid that also slept with one of his best friends ex.

Phil: He sounds like a heroic douchebag.

Alex: Yes.
by RaiPali November 26, 2013
Raeden is sweet and caring. Raedens are usually very tall. She will always be by your side when you need her. She's experienced a lot so she can help you out with anything. She will laugh with you and when your feeling sad, she will make you laugh so you feel better. Raeden is amazing and outgoing to the people who talk to her and any guy would be lucky to have her
Look at that girl

Yeah her name is Raeden!

Wow she looks awesome!
by Alex swift :D January 05, 2014

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