Laid off (in IBM jargon, abbr. of Resource Action)
He was RA'ed today after 21 years of service.
by anonymous7659 January 05, 2009
Top Definition
An eternal leader in the 16th century known to be as a "joker". It is not that much of a popular name but it is believed that anyone with the name of "Raed" is a funny, handsome and very romantic person. Despite might being slightly childish or even hyperactive.
Girl 1: Look at how Raed he is!
Girl 2: ooo yeahh I can tell...
by 2anonymous11 April 09, 2011
to become embarassed or made uncomfortable by another persons actions
rick dogg went over by the freshman table and started making wierd noises. it was really funny when the little freshmen got R.A.-ed
by n dub February 08, 2007
The internet spelling for the past tense of the verb: to read

Used to suppress confusion in messaging.
AIMUSER1: Do you read the newspaper?
AIMUSER2: I raed it
by p-tech August 14, 2004
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