You know, they're that band that sing:
"I'm a creeeep, i'm a wiienner"
you're nothing but a crybaby, crybaby!-Radiohead, Scott Tenorman Must Die.
by Sflik December 28, 2007
an alternative-rock group of 5 talented musicians using CREATIVITY and VERSATILITY.
Radiohead is an epitome of how stylistic and diversive a musician should be.
by x March 30, 2004
A person who works for an audio broadcasting system. Possibly Austrailian in origin. In a documentary starring ABBA (of all bands) an Austrailian man with a mike and a tape recorder (the size of an extra large breadbox) comes up to Bjorn, Sven or Svven or whatever the fuck his name is and says "I'm a radiohead. I was wondering if you can answer a few questions for our broadcast". Radiohead (the band) has nothing to do with Abba. The word was merely used in a documentary, so don't freak the fuck out. This was also long before Talking Heads, so I don't think they were the first to put 'radio' next to 'head' without a space.
I'm a radiohead. My job is to ask you about your inspriation for "Fernando" and what's up with all the white?
by SmugSockMonkey January 08, 2005
Named after the Talking Heads song of the same name. Have evolved from angst-fuelled noise/driblings into a kind of a post Floyd sideshow.
OK Computer was good though.
by Mister_Douve May 07, 2003
A substitution for and variation of the word "feces."
"Dude, I have to go take a radiohead"
"Dude, you're such a piece of radiohead"
by dudeihavetogotakearadiohead January 23, 2010
a musical collective, the genius of one colin greenwood who plays all instruments and writes all songs while baking brioche and listening to can. he's therefore richer than both bill gates and the owner of ikea put together.
radiohead is genius
by colly April 21, 2004
A person that is a SUPER creep. Like no joke. Like, they sit on the steps and wait for you to come out of your house. Or text you like 5 gazillion times before you can reply. Or knows everything about you becuase they constantly creep and stalk your facebook. This person will usually never talk to you in person.

Derives from the famous song by Radiohead "Creep"
Quincy: Yo, that kid's being a mega creep.
Alexzandra: I know right? Hes being a hella radiohead son.
Quincy: You already.
by El Lolocaust August 27, 2010
The one hit wonder wit a smash, Top of the Pops hit, "Creep".
"Dude, crank that up! I'm a creep. I'm a loser man! That song kicks ass! Radiohead sure pumps up my jam."
by SmugSockMonkey June 08, 2006

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