RadioShack used to sell ham (amatuer) radio equipment, hence the term 'radio shack' for a ham radio operator's radio room.

Now they sell overpriced commerical electronic crap.

see nerd central
Radioshack has gone to the dogs.
by IrishRepublicanArmy November 16, 2003
When used as a verb, it summarizes:
When someone contains all of their knowledge about an object or article simply by reading and believing the marketing ploys layed out by "Corporate" and "the Manufacturers".

In other words, when someone simply reads the box and price tag, then conveys this information on to the purchaser; passing this knowledge off as if they had a clue.
I can't believe I bought this piece of crap MP3 player; man, that sales person really Radio Shacked me.

He sounded like he knew what he was saying when he told me about all the peripherals, but he could only Radio Shack.
by Devo.xx April 03, 2007
An electronical parts store that was very popular in the 80s and 90s but is now murder by the Internet. The Internet has better prices and the workers their speak better English then anyone at radioshack. Today their only business is a bunch of Mexicans buying phones to call back to Mexico with. They also capitalize on people who dont know about the internets 90% less prices such as seniors
let me just run to radioshack to get a memory card for my camera

Screw that youll never even get service they only care about selling stinky mexicans cell phones
by harrykid August 09, 2012
The only place in the mall where you can buy resistors, capacitors, and other parts for making bombs with plans you downloaded from the internet.

Also thinks if it drops the "Radio" from it's name it'll become "profitable."
1) RadioShack Customer: "How much for these 4.7kohm resistors, 12V lantern batteries, and 28 AWG wire?"
Clerk: "What's a resistor?"
Customer: "And that's why you can't get paid, moron!"

2)RadioShack Terrorist: "How much for these 4.7kohm resistors, 12V lantern batteries, and 28 AWG wire?"
Clerk: "Excuse me while I call the Department of Homeland Security."
Terrorist: "Allahu Akbar, moron!"
by DietTab December 11, 2009

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