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A horrible company, hell-bent on destroying the lives of it's employees. The manager's have worked there for at least 10 years, on their very first date, it's their 10th anniversary. Typically the store-management consists of the hippie-washup microsoft-loving wannbe-musicians, hell bent on selling you a cellphone.

The typical sales associates are rather arrogant, all they want to do is upsell you shit that you don't need. If they are beneath the age of 22, they want to leave for a new job as soon as possible.

Overall, try and stay away from Radioshack. Underhanded practices and selling you short of what you need is their aim in life.
Manager: Would you like to buy this cellphone?
Customer: No, just this battery
Manager: Are you sure? It's an awesome price
Customer: It's 300 dollars, and I have a better one
Manager: Well I bet this can do more, why don't I give you a show of what it can do?
Customer: No, just the battery.
Manager: Want to open a Radioshack card?
Customer: Just the battery, stop trying to sell me crap.
Manager: OK, but you get 10% of your first purchase.
Customer: This battery is 4.99. That would be 49 cents. No.
Manager: OK, 5.24 please. Your name?
Customer: None of your business.
Manager: We need it to do transactions
Customer: That's it, I'm out.
by anonymous-former-employee May 28, 2008
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