Definition 1: A kind of girl that knows that they can date anyone but is not nesscarily a whore but can choose anyone to date sometimes guys or girls

Definition 2: A kind of girl that you date and you know what shes not good for you but you can't really leave her shes just that good

Definition 3: The opening song on the 1978 Gene Simmons Solo Album
Example 1
X: Hey you want to date Imelda

Pancho: hell ya I want to date her

X: Well just to let you know that chick is Radioactive man to start talking to her man!

Example 2

Matthew X: Hey man you gotta leave that chick man

X: I want to but shes Radioactive man, she knows how I feel and she knows that this is real man!

Matthew X: She wants it all the time?

X: Yeah how do you know

Matthew X: I was listening to KISS Gold and I heard it man lol
by El Equis November 11, 2009
Top Definition
A slang term for wack or "not cool"
Used in conjunction with the Pasadena term "active"
Originated in Eagle Rock specifically Center for the Arts, Eagle Rock.
Homework is soooo radioactive.
This girl didn't call me back, she's soooo radioactive.
by missmeags April 24, 2009
A fairly good show usually airing on YTV at 9:30 PM. It is about a bunch of odd highschool students who do radio broadcasts.
Radio Active once changed their characters and screwed it up. The original characters are better.
by Darian December 24, 2003
A person who retains power and influence at their place of work, even after they have retired or moved on.
General Smith is still radio active, he scored us a $3 million contract even though he's retired.
by G6 February 21, 2008
A girl that you cant try and get because she has recently been in a relationship with a friend whom would be annoyed if you went for her.
"Wish me luck, I'm going after her!"
"Bro, you cant go after her, she only broke up with Steve last week, she's still radioactive."
by FearNaught November 03, 2012
A song by Imagine Dragons that is the most overrated Imagine Dragons song of all time.
What song is that?
Radioactive by Imagine Dragons.
by AntiCaesar May 15, 2016
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