probably used by the Z-boys (and me) to expess extreme delight at some completly, outstanding, overpoweringly decent. Also probably started by stoned aussie surfers from the stoneage, along with narly, bogus, dude and surfing
Livi skatepark is RAD as fuck man!
by SanJ Street August 03, 2003
a term that white people use. everyone in the east bay makes fun of the word "rad" because of that. haha silly socal kids... see sweet
White Guy: RAD!
by UNKN0WNNN July 20, 2005
Random Act of Dancing
to suddenly break out into intense dance.
"Looks Like Erin had another RAD moment."
by Super Jenius August 19, 2008
to be really really awesomely cool and awesome. To be everything good and to be the best at everything
Sum hot chik : oh ben your so rad
Ben: I know baby just my job jsut my job
Sum hot chik :Oh marry me
Ben: Okay but only cos im rad
by bennsville September 06, 2006
the meaning of rad is cool aka. alburt
alburt is so fucking rad
alburt = rad
amanda = not rad
by alburt January 17, 2005
an outdated slang term meaning "good". possibly still current on the west coast, land of scariness.
if you've used the term rad since since 1990 in any way but to make fun of it, you are a sad individual
by minghi May 21, 2003
Nate + Maddy, the raddest people ever.
Don't be jealous cos your not us!
Woah, who's that rad person over there? Its Nate + Maddy of course!
by September 12, 2006
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