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A severe, painful stomach cramping condition which is caused by the consumption of Rachel's Wickedly Delicious Brand Lemon Verbena Berry Cottage Cheese that is way past its expiration date.

The eater does not recognize the difference between the chunky clottedness of past due cottage cheese and the natural consistency of the product. Also, the mold may be mistakenly thought of as the fruit in the bottom.

The end result of eating this is painful stomach cramps all night long resulting in lack of sleep. There is no release or expulsion of the product, just pain.
Chaz had a late night snack of Rachel's Wickedly Delicious Lemon Verbena Berry Cottage Cheese. Despite its unusual flavor and texture, he finished the whole cup. Four hours later, he was up all night with a severe case of Rachel's Rumblies.
by Greaser B June 04, 2009

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