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Phrase resembling double-dutch but weighted with a subtle importance. Emenating from lunatic fringe cult figure 'The funhead.' Often heard on various UK radio stations, most notably the now defunct TeamTalk and talk radio station talkSPORT.
If you were to ring a radio show, you would speak of something serious, then deliver a Rabba. You would say 'Rabba-Dabba Dab Dab Ding Dong Wigga Digga Dee Dee Ding dong Rabba dabba dabba ya ya ya budum budum dum woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh'
The radio station would then have been Rabba'd.
by Timothy Mallet March 28, 2003
Rabba - the term used by schoolboys who have low intelligence but wish to make their immature friends giggle by spouting rubbish on serious topical debate shows on British radio.
by Anonymous July 30, 2003
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