A small mammal that can only be found on the southern tip of Florida. Mainly found in Weston. this creature also goes by the name"Nick's Chode".
Krickey. Theres a big Ratata. Look its mating. But wait. Who is that in the bushes. You rarly find Ratata matig in this season. Why, Its nicks chode rapping the poor helpless Ratata.
by David Ochoa June 19, 2003
Top Definition
1. Noise of passion/ecstasy preformed with sensual dancing often confused with freaking. Participants swing hips back and forth while keeping one hand in the air and another on their belly.

-Often used in times of where the speaker is at a loss for words or turned on

-May vary between an exclamation, squeal, ejaculation, wail, interjection, rasp, or utterance.

-All typically spoken in high pitches.
Man, last night, took' ma boo down too da inferno, and I got her so randy, she started moanin' her Ra-tata.
by Double U yatt June 30, 2009
The sound of a machine gun being fired.
by AYB June 20, 2003
The purple useless mouse pokemon with generally large teeth found very commonly in pokemon yellow, red, and blue version.
Ratata used tail whip!....it had no effect
by Lumpy-Gonzo January 12, 2010
The sound you make when you crank the anal beads up and then pull it out of the girl's ass.
I felt uncomfortable, so I yelled "RATATA!"
by Quentin Campbell August 14, 2015
The sound of a man in clogs fiddling on your roof.
<TehRoof> Ratatatatatatatata!
<ManJunt> *pokes roof with broom* Get off my roof, hobo!
by Bastardized Bottomburp June 27, 2003
The sound of the amount of animals killed in the netherlands in a years time figured online at www.edev.nl
aka food for thought
Ratata waarom ben je vegetariër ?
by jim sneglov October 29, 2003
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