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Stands for Recreational Powerade User and refers to those who drink the sports drink (powerade) on a casual basis, when it is only to be consumed when one is participating in strenuous physical activity.

RPU's are generally addicted to powerade, as it is full of sugar and contains many artificial colours and flavours, making it taste good. The sooner RPU's start waking up to the fact that these drinks are NOT to be used on a casual basis, the better off society will be health wise.
Matt: See that guy over there, why's he drinking powerade? He's not exercising.

Harold: Ah, bloody idiot. He sure is an RPU
#health #wise #powerade #sport #mindless
by Hallard05 May 13, 2011
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RPU Fixed my computer the same day and beat best buys price by half!
#computer repair #laptop screen #repair #laptop #desktop
by Sahelio April 19, 2011
Retarded pride union

The awesomest group of insane people ever!
Consists of crazy, weird and phyco people.
-person runs past flailing and screaming-
Helga: Aw, don't mind them. They're probablly in the RPU.
#rpu #crazy people #insane #weird #flail
by alfonzo van schlinkenbon March 05, 2008
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