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The BEST FRIEND you will ever have in your life. You couldn't ask for a better friend, Girl friend, wife, anything.
I love her 2 death
by Muffinman_muffinator March 27, 2009
a beautiful woman, a great friend, great personality, dirty minded at times, i couldnt have asked for a better girlfriend.
i love you rosalinda
by diamonddlifer21 July 20, 2011
Rosalinda is nice, sweet, fun, and very beautiful. She is the best best friend in the whole world. You could fall in love with her just by her personality and even if she doesn't feel the same way she will always find a place in her heart for you. She is pretty and everyone loves her. She is my best friend.
Person 1: Who's that she's cute
Person 2: That's Rosalinda she is very smart and beautiful

Person 1: I think I'm in love
by the_best_friend_ June 29, 2015
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