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Acronym for "Resting On My Laurels"

Usually used by arrogant people who feel the need to share personal or general accomplishments with their surrounding company.

The person who says it normally has no intention to complete any further work, for they have already worked incredibly hard to earn the given accomplishment.

By extension, this phrase means "suck it!", for the person who says it thinks that his/her accomplishments are unattainable and insurmountable by anyone but themselves.
"Just checked my grades, guys, I got all A+'s. No studying for me tonight! I'll just take the night off and ROML."
by ThatOneGuy94171910 June 15, 2011
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A acronym meaning Roll On your Mum Laughing.
Fay: I well romled last night!
Rozzers: You are so lame.
by Rozzers August 19, 2007

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