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When you roll on the floor laughing so hard that you orgasm.
Genkai Passes on Robes of Arugal.
Blazie Rolls a 98 on Robes of Arugal.
Strength Passes on Robes of Arugal.
Fujiko Rolls a 100 on Robes of Arugal.
Party<Genkai>: ROFLgasm!
by JJL(Jemini) July 23, 2005
1. An orgasm brought on by an extremely funny experience.

2. A term used excessively by idiots to express laughter when no humor is present.

Related Terms: rofl, orgasm, lol, roflcopter, lollerskates, omg, omfg, wtf, omgwtf, omfgwtf, roffle
1. When the old man fell down the stairs I laughed so hard I had a roflgasm!

2. Guy 1: Why did the chicken cross the road? To get to the other side! Guy 2: OMFG!!!!! LOLOLOLLOLOLOLOLOL!!!!11 ROFLGASM!!!!!!!!11
by PENIX July 10, 2005
A 'Roflgasm' is when you continue rofling so hard that you reach a very high point of tension in the rofl. Also known as the Rofl climax.

Peter: "<Insert funny sentence>"

*Joan has a roflgasm*

Joan:"ROFLGASM that was so funny"
by Nuroic April 08, 2009
You Rofl so hard that you have an orgasm,
alot like Lolgasm
Alex had a Roflgasm after hearing ben was gay, what a mess.
by Tomathyness October 04, 2008
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