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rolling on floor laughing quietly to myself. - the state between LOL and LQTM
Ever so often, I find myself roflqtm when I'm chatting with my friend Patrick.
by Sebastian Ortner December 02, 2008
Acronym for "rolling on the floor laughing quietly to myself".
(while at library)

Bob- *tells joke*
Fred- ROFL
Aging librarian cunt- SHHHH!!
by Mizar06 June 08, 2010
roll on the floor laughing quietly to myself
he told me he ate a truducken and i roflqtms'd.
by M1necraftBeast April 14, 2013
Synonym for Rolling On the Floor Laughing Quietly To Myself

A combination of rofl and lqtm (laugh quitetly to myself) from one of Demitri Martin's jokes

can be used in place of rofl or lol
- A man walked into a bar and said "ouch"

by Katherine S. March 03, 2008

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