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To totally destroy an opponent who had no chance of winning. This is most used in PVP video games and usually pertains to a situation where through either numbers, gear or some other quantifiable aspect of the game the outcome was a foregone conclusion. Derives from the internet acronym ROFL to illustrate that the victor is "rolling on the floor laughing" while defeating his or her opponent.
"I went into Warsong Gulch last night and got rofflestomped by a premade with all Season 3 Gear."

by Montague2008 March 26, 2008
A saying used by really 1337 gamers. When someone gets rofflestomped, you know they got pwnt pretty hard, AND it was funny. Used in Counter-Strike frequently.
*Guy gets rofflestomped*
D00d #1 "Lawl roffle he just got rofflestomped"
D00d #2 "Pwnt it was h4x t00"
by CapnJazz1 December 24, 2006

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