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Real Nigga Dick
Shasta says : "I don't mess with white boys, I want that RND!"
by deerhunt1988 September 08, 2008
used as short for random. when you tipe something you don't have time to spell it the right way
this thing is fubar, it'll work rnd.

i can't use isdn cable for a lan! it'll be totally rnd!
by suppah January 05, 2005
Real niggas don't sleep
I stay up cuz rnds, we take long ass blinks and get this money.
by Momercy July 24, 2015
RND- Real Nigga Degree. A term used by future college athletes to describe their major. Most have no intention of graduating with any type of real degree.
Random Kid- Hey man I heard you got a scholarship to UNC what do you think you're majoring in

Future College Athlete- Shit I'm just gonna go get my RND!

Random Kid- Your what?

Future College Athlete- RND.... you know Real Nigga Degree!!
by rndmaster August 29, 2010
The AOL/ACLU message board and group of elitists that you know you want to be part of

Also used as an adjective
I should SO post that on RND!


That was very RND of you, Ric.
by NoVaGirl June 16, 2004
Real Nigga Dick
Karla: You see that white boy over there?

Rebecca: Yeah, why?

Karla: He's got more RND than a black guy!

Random Girl: Ain't that the truth I fucked that shit so many times!

Karla: Bitch fuck you. *beats random girls ass

Rebecca: Well bye Karla, Imma go get that RND! (:
by MattGee April 16, 2010
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