Meaning 'rocket nipple'. When a girl is cold/wet/horny and you can see the outline of her hard nipples protruding from her shirt.
yo dawg get your fly ass on over hizzle and check out the RN on that brod. Dont you want to squizzle that bro? its mint.
by Sean April 14, 2004
to describe a dude who isn't ballin. RN = Regular Nigga
that dude is a nurse RN. meaning that dude is just a Regular Nigga

mainly used by us ballaz to describe a dude a grl is rolling with who isn't ballin
by Matlock2 May 06, 2008
used as a substitute for the letter m
m looks like rn, how coincidental.
by sugarbuzz November 02, 2009
Retarded Nutfuck
that retarded Nutfuck gave me a shot in my ass
by spencer November 14, 2003
right now!people use this when they're totally fucked up and too lazy to text
"i'm really fucked rn and will b sick af tomorrow

-Love u and C u on Monday
Good fucking yard
"Lubna!rn im totally fucked up!call you tomorrow"
by biatch23 October 03, 2015
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