the tagging crew in south central los angeles thats taking over crenshaw high school. stands for real madd skills, rebels mobbing society, rollin my stress, rushing main streets, real madd smokers
their go dem niggas from RMS
RMS is a 'tag' that appears on the cocks (or in the general area) of some contestants on the popular web site RateMySchlong.com. Raters of cocks can enlarge images to view dicks and then rate the cocks and leave comments.
Dude, I just noticed the RMS on that hot cock when I did the left click. I need to suck that off of there for you. You do not want to get ink poisoning. Let me help save you!!!!
by rickster_dc March 18, 2005
stands for "Random Makeout Session" - where you and a guy/girl you are NOT dating just randomly make out with no strings attached - works best in cars parked in deserted culdesacs
Jane, you hooker! Stop having RMS with any guy you see!
by jV February 05, 2004
Resident Mr./Ms. Sexy
See that guy there? He's the RMS.
by mrfunky August 18, 2005

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