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RMFT stands for Roll Mutha' Fuckin' Tide
We just donkey stomped on Auburn...RMFT!

You're in some arbitrary location, perhaps a foreign country, you see someone with an Alabama shirt on, so you yell "Roll Mutha' Fuckin' Tide" or just "RMFT" for short.
by bamaslamma December 01, 2008
Roll Mother Fucking Tide!
We just kicked L-S-Who's ass! RMFT!
by rollfuckintide15 December 10, 2013
The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the motherfucking truth! Short for Real Motherfucking Talk.
Facebook Status: Chicago Police: We serve and protect. Everyone but black people
1 comment Facebook user: RMFT!
by ConfederateClown September 06, 2011
Real Mother Fuckin Talk
This bitch is craazy!" "RMFT! She called me like 19 times last night!
by haddadnation May 01, 2011
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