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A business jargon, meaning 'Request for Proposal'.

RFP Methodology, to indentify a suitable prime vendor for the support amd supply for your business.
<Shinosuke> *clears throat*
<Shinosuke> I will now try to speak like someone who knows what he is talking about.... about RFP..
<Shinosuke> One of the reasons for using RFP is that, it is not a binding document. It is possible to issue and RFP and not do anything about it.
Shinosuke> So, by saying that, I can issue RFP, people can come to be with all their software that can run by my company.. I can look at them, see which one suits my company best, and buys them, then implement them..... or, I can just say "I'll think about it". And leave them hanging forever...
<Shinosuke> Wahahaha, I feel so smart.. :)
* Shinosuke grins evilly.
by Shinosuke May 11, 2004
Really Fun People or Person. Within a work environment, the type of person that as well as being a co-worker you would also consider a friend and therefore somebody that you would happily hang out with for drinks after work. It is then possible that a tradition evolves of weekly RFP HHs (Really fun person Happy hours). The important thing is that it excludes those co-workers who you would rather stick pins in your eyes than spend time with outside of work?
RFP's only tonight, Yo?
by GBG76 September 07, 2010
Random Forgotten Player. An athlete from the past who has been forgotten over the years.
Akili Smith is an RFP. Miles Simon would be considered an RFP.
by rfpoftheday September 28, 2009
ready for pull, used in some MMORPGs such as EQ and WoW
character #1:is everyone RFP?
by sasuke May 05, 2005
Real fuckin pissed.
Dude, I failed that test hardcore

Damn, you're RFP
by Spankee McGee March 29, 2011
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