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"Read From Bottom Up"
Since some (read:MS) mail programs generate replys to messages with the original message(s) starting at the bottom, most of the time when you forward it to someone, you have to specify that they start from the beginning of the thread, which is at the bottom...
Jim, this is funny. RFBU

> From: mike
> To: john
> Subject: dude
> asshole
>> From: john
>> To: mike
>> Subject: dude
>> Yeah...
>> BTW, yer wife wants you to pick up milk
>> before you come home tonight.
>>> From: mike
>>> To: john
>>> Subject: dude
>>> Dude, are you just getting in to work right now?!
by f3 February 07, 2008
Read From The Bottom Up.
Used with a back and forth series of Emails. RFBU
by Gratwicker November 05, 2011