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An acronym for 'Royal Fleet Auxhilliary'. Like a part time navy vessel.
The RFA Fort Victoria, a helicopter carrying supply ship.
by surferbum March 04, 2006
acronym for "really fucking annoying"
Zella's nickname is RFA.
by doublethefun January 16, 2006
Random Febreeze Attack
Where you sneak up on somebody and spray them with a febreeze can because they are being a total douche bag
I RFAed my friend cuase she wouldnt let me play guitar hero.
by Undefined:) February 23, 2011
RFA is an Acronym Meaning "Radio FreaK America". the Internet Phreaking podcast running 99 episodes, from 02/20/02 till 02/20/04.
RFA is were i get my Phreaking Fix.
by Everi January 28, 2008
acronym for "really fucking annoying"
This lady at work is RFA!
by hismama January 14, 2006
RFA is an acronym which stands for "Ready for Action" it can be used in a majority of settings and scenarios. It can be applied to a person and an object. Action may also be interpreted as the user desires. For objects the action may be their intended use.

A mouse with new batteries could be RFA or a sharpened pencil may also be RFA
Hey buddy, I'm picking you up in 5... are you RFA? We are going to the club later right?

I just finished my programming assignment. Its RFA!
by chuyzoz July 22, 2010
Request for Adminship, it's the process Wikipedia editors have to go through to get "the tools."
It's becoming increasingly difficult to pass RFA.
by PCHS-NJROTC December 23, 2009

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