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Rose City Til I Die means that you follow the Rose City, specifically the Portland Timbers and would never support the Shittle Flounders even if Portland doesn't have a team.
Tool: "Hey you going to see the X-box team play up north?"
Me: "Hell NO RCTID you whale fucker!"
by 107forLife September 24, 2009
Rose City Til I Die means that you follow the Rose City, specifically the Portland Timbers. To be a part of this group, you must care more about hating Seattle than about liking Portland.
Portland Meth-head #1: Are you RCTID?
Portland Meth-head #2: Fuck yeah, I hate Seattle!
Portland Meth-head #1: you actually support Portland?
Portland Meth-head #2: Isn't that the same thing?
by 107tillIrunOutOfMeth April 14, 2011
RCTID is an acronym for Rip City Til I Die.

Rip City is a slang term created by retired NBA radio game announcer, Bill Schonely, of the Portland Trail Blazers.

RCTID represents the City of Portland's fan base for their beloved MSL team, the Portland Timbers, and their NBA team, the Portland Trailblazers.
This is OUR House! Let's go Blazers! RIP CITY! RCTID!

We are the Timbers Army! RCTID!
by Ripcityfan4life November 01, 2012
Rose City Till I Die means that you support Rose City sporting clubs, specifically the Portland Timbers. Despite the fact that our team is honestly rubbish and performs poorly against Seattle in nearly every competition, we Rose City dwellers will never cease in our support of the Timbers (or of any of our teams for that matter)! GO TIMBERS!!! It is also worth mentioning that most who declare RCTID also voted for hillary clinton --- so no matter how little your IQ is, you are welcome to join us Timbers fans!
Timbers fan: RCTID!!!
Sounders fan: Do those letters mean something?
Timbers fan: Yeah, it means we generally hate people based on where they live --- Seattle-ites are retarded!
Sounders fan: That hurts my feelings...
Timbers fan: Hahaha! Also we should be able to protest whenever your tribes hunt whales!!!
by Kasey Keller May 12, 2011
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