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2 definitions by Ripcityfan4life

When a defensive lineman in football, makes an incredible and improbable sack on the quarterback.
Man, did you see Ray Lewis leapfrog that lineman and spin around the fullback to sack Joe Flacco. That was sackalicious!
by Ripcityfan4life November 02, 2012
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RCTID is an acronym for Rip City Til I Die.

Rip City is a slang term created by retired NBA radio game announcer, Bill Schonely, of the Portland Trail Blazers.

RCTID represents the City of Portland's fan base for their beloved MSL team, the Portland Timbers, and their NBA team, the Portland Trailblazers.
This is OUR House! Let's go Blazers! RIP CITY! RCTID!

We are the Timbers Army! RCTID!
by Ripcityfan4life November 01, 2012
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