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The most preppy school in the New York State. Here gravity does not apply to people because all of they're collars are popped up. Also 9 out of 10 people here own a range rover, a lexus, or an escalade. Everyone claims to be ghetto but they then go to the Westchester mall and shop at designer stores and abercrombie.
I go to RCDS and there for i like popping my collar.
by RCDS February 26, 2007
Refreshive compulsive disorder (RCD) often occurs when you send a message over e-mail, myspace, facebook, or any other thing where you can send messages, and you constantly refresh to see if the person you sent the message to has read or replied to the message.
I had a huge case of RCD last week, Bill wouldn't read my message. I was refreshing for hours.
by CharEast February 08, 2008
RCD stands for 'Rabbit Calicivirus Disease' a disease which affects Rabbits' liver, intestines and lymphatic tissue eventually causing terminal blood clots.

Death can result in 6-24 hours and the death rate for RCD ranges from 50 -100%

In some countries (such as Australia & New Zealand) farmers welcome the disease to eradicate pest rabbits.
Bunny 1: "Did you hear bob got RCD the other day?"

Bunny 2: "No shit!.. Hope he makes it! Damn I gotta get vaccinated Yo!"
by Adrian August 20, 2004
to harass people on AIM using warning tactics
That guy was annoying me yesterday, so I rcd'd him.
by elneo March 24, 2003
Rancid chach disorder

what a woman gets when she has bad hygene in the genital area
I know Felicia has RCD, cuz she stunk up the bathroom stall.
by Kimothy December 01, 2004
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