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Randpire or Randpyre (n.) (adj.)
\rändˈpī(-ə)r\ (alt.) \rändˈpir\

1. One who lives by preying on others.

2. A dipshit vampire.

3. A person tricked into thinking that selfishness is a greater virtue than selflessness.

4. The quality of sucking the life out of people through narcissistic political and moral beliefs.
Terence, well that was a real randpire thing to say.

What? When I'm a billionaire, the poor can go screw. If they wanted to get ahead, they should have worked harder. If they CHOSE to save $67 a month and put it in mutual funds, they would have been millionaires by the time they were 70, instead they're just stupid and dead. You can't fucking tax me. That's stealing, bro. I'm building my own Nascar track and paying for lots of jouissance with lots of bitches.

Terence, you fucking frat boy, you don't even have the slightest Lacanian estimate of what the nature of your jouissance truly is...see you on the other side of your Kentucky Fried Charlie Sheen Don Juan breakdown, reptilian douche.
by k voorhees March 07, 2011
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