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Reference to a large hairy primate type beast. aka Bigfoot, Sasquatch, Yeti, or Skunk Ape. Reports from sightings have told about foul odor and large swinging arms. Covered in hair.
I was at a retreat in Vermont and spotted what looked like a Rami in the wilderness. It was large and it looked at me before disappearing into the woods.
by Lars from Mars August 08, 2006
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an annoying slut that loves to swear a lot and gets mad and crazy when he sees himself and has mental disorders
You retard you, are so rami!
by JHFDFDFDHKJSFKJ June 07, 2010
a ugly kid who fucked up the sweetest girl on the plant
Ew did you just see that Rami kid?
yeah! He puts the PIMP in PIMPLE.
by omgitsmehaha May 10, 2006
Awesomest Dude to ever walk on this planet, he loves cucumbers and riding on camels as he is the most badass arab gangsta ever
My girlfreind told me she wants a Rami in her life
by DoneG October 07, 2012
A ramis is a a guy who is very funny, can be annoying sometimes, but always in a good way. he has a great personality and is extrememly nice and caring. He's summtimes very muscular and can be aggressive. other times he can be the cutest thing you've ever seen. All in all a great person to be around!
Look at Ramis, he is so entertaining!
by Juliaisznazy April 04, 2010
A coke taken to a sporting event with some coke removed and scotch (or bourbon) added, resulting in an undercover pre-mix drink. Thus saving money.
Have you got your Rami ready for the footy?
by Rami's Son July 24, 2011
Arabic name given to a man of strong will and determination. Tough and rough on the outside and soft and gentle on the inside. and it is really mean the archer.
what is your name?
my name is rami
by Dentistday August 25, 2011

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