some one either male or female who comes from a rich background or goes to a prep school who wear rugby shirts bagging track pants pearls berkanstocks much the same a an america bro in fashion style for the boys
oxford is full of ra's
by gligamesh September 13, 2007
Resident Assistant
He's soo hot...but he's my R.A. -it would be sketchy.
by Misty October 29, 2003
The sound someone makes when they say the words: "right here" really fast.
Right Here
righ her
rag he
ra ha
by The Pimp's Bologna March 18, 2008
Dead Goa'uld dude.
The Tau'ri kicked Ra's ass when they beamed a nuke up to his ship.
by John February 08, 2004
New England band of four with unique heavy metal sound comprised of rock,jazz,funk,and middle eastern sounds. To put it short: "The Police meets Metallica"
Do You Call My Name
by Ra Fan April 25, 2003
Another word for vagina, typically used in Glasgow or any region of Scotland.
"Watty take it up the ra eh nicht?" - "Do you want to have sex tonight, in the vagina?"
by uhDEEJ January 06, 2014
1. Ra - Egyptian God of Sun.
2. RA - Real-Admiral.
3. RA - Research Assistant.
4. Ra - Royal Academy.
5. ra - radium.
6. ra - short form for ralph (student slang).
Ra - sunniest god!

He got RA at last.

The RA sucks at his researches.
by indie English June 22, 2011

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