1. Ra - Egyptian God of Sun.
2. RA - Real-Admiral.
3. RA - Research Assistant.
4. Ra - Royal Academy.
5. ra - radium.
6. ra - short form for ralph (student slang).
Ra - sunniest god!

He got RA at last.

The RA sucks at his researches.
by indie English June 22, 2011
Stands for Random Abuser. A man who pretends to be female whilst luring younglings to their apartment & announcing they would like to 'do them virtually'.

Also derived from the world of Playstation Home, a land of make-believe where no one is who they say they are. Full of perverted twats who get-off on pixels and polygons.

Known to begin conversations with.. "Where are you from?"

Rasputin is also another known name for these underage fools.
RA : Come back to my Harbour Apartment, and we can play swap PSN details.

Person A is standing in a public space with notable features"
Person B approaches person A and begins to comment in a wayward manner to person A about their features or with profanities.
by RasputinRA August 23, 2009
one kick ass mothafuckin band. its like a mixture of metallica and the police which make them awesome. they even re make a song by the police which is fuckin awesome
yo man Ra kicks total ass every single song on every one of thier album's are good
by MYNAMEIST January 31, 2007
Both the Egyptian Sun God and a band.
Egyptian historical documents.
by Mark April 18, 2005
A realy old guy with a falcon head. He wears the sun on his head and ride a scarab to work (fighting a big snake)
Ra is a funny old dude
by k1llu2 May 02, 2004
Someone on your dorm's floor who has sworn off fun for an instant single room, thus not letting you have any in the process.
"Turn the music down, the RA is coming!"
"Hide the beer, the RA is coming!"
"Use a condom, the RA is coming!"
by The_Mute September 30, 2007
A ra is an English girl from a posh, wealthy background who feel the need to dress like a mess whilst showing off their designer clothing. Two examples of their usual get up are:

1) The "just got out of bed" look - hair that's been painstakingly 'tousled' and knotted for at lest two hours, the obligatory university or Abercrombie and Fitch hoodie, and jogging bottoms or pyjama bottoms (if on the way to the shops) tucked into the obligatory Ugg boots.

2) The "ooo I'm such a hippy chick" look - the tousled, knotted hair complete with plaited headband, massive men's shirt cinched in at the waist with a belt, leggings in a variety of shades and gross colours, and of course the Ugg boots.

Ra's are most commonly found speaking with lisps and like they've got plums in their in their mouths in the majority of University cities of the UK, particularly Oxford, Leeds, Durham and Bristol, as well as Topshop's nationwide.

Scenesters will also try and get in on the act to try and be ra's
P1: "Jesus, I can't believe she's going down to the shops in her pj's."

P2: "I can, she's a ra."

P1: "Oh that explains it all then."
by booksfrom_boxes October 24, 2009

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