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Acronym that stands for "ready to rage."
Guy 1: Hey bro, you R2R?
Guy 2: Hell yeah. Rager at my place. Five kegs.
by 509's finest February 18, 2009
Ready to rage.

It signifies a desire to enter into a subliminal unconsciousness, severing out all reality that transcends mere mortal thoughts and wishes. It is in essence, a preliminary rejection of the status quo, and a departure from traditional standards of behavior that have shaped the history of Western Civilization. i.e., consuming copious amount of alcohol with little to no regard of the consequences contained therein.
Michael: Yo, you R2R?

Tom: Naw man, got to watch the Legend of Bagger Vance.

Michael: Turn that bull off right now and get ready to rage.
by Eating Zip's for life August 08, 2009
'Redy 2 rek' or in standard English - 'Ready to wreck'. One might use this in a situation where they are prepared to completely wreck someone's face in a video game. Born in the realms of MCSG.
Noob: hey guys
GenericMCSGPlayer: r2r u skrub
by MrShyGuy August 18, 2014
Refuse to read.
Someone posts another freaking buzzfeed list, and you respond with r2r because you refuse to be sucked in.
by captain zed January 11, 2014
A reel-to-reel tape recorder.
I love my CDs and my iPod, but I'm NOT selling my R2R---no way!
by pentozali August 16, 2008
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