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The reading of a Blackberry Messenger message and not responding. Clearly denoted by the "R" and "Checkmark" beside the message of the sender.

Usually a sign of disrespect towards the sender of the message.
"Did you ask Natalie if she is coming to that party tonight?"

"Not sure I sent her a BBM; she read it, but didn't respond."

"Dude she totally R-Bomb'd you."

by EricBatt April 21, 2010
to read a message, and not respond, or ignore, usually with intention
Colleen: Does he text you anymore?
Jodi: No, he got the hint cause I always rbombed him
by cleeeeeen November 25, 2011
when someone reads your message on bbm and doesn't reply
"heyyy what's up?"
*person reads msg and doesn't reply*
i just got r bombed..
by omgyeeeee August 12, 2011