an unexperienced blackjack player at your table causing the entire table to lose by consistently hits and busts when the dealer has a 2-6 upcard.
Man, it was going real good till R.Kelly showed up.


Damn he's hittin' more 14's and 15's than R.Kelly.
by pop_ajoe December 12, 2003
A very talented singer that needs to check ID's before giving into temptation.
R. Kelly should have checked the ages of the girls he fucked on tape, but they were old enough to know right from wrong and knew better then to let someone degrate them no matter who the fuck it was!
by bigbadunk May 21, 2007
the king of R&B who is often used in uncreative jokes about peeing on underage girls by douches that read "people" magazine. he has more talent than usher and trey songz combined, and is one of the most underrated artists of all time.
R. Kelly runs R&B.
by california689 October 28, 2011
VERB - to urinate
Where's your restroom? I really need to take an R. Kelly.
by DJ Kanye Pepper November 08, 2012
Someone who is quite obviously gay, but continues to live as a straight person, often backing themselves into corners through heterosexual marriage and procreation. Like R. Kelly they are "Trapped in the Closet."
1. That guy's kids are gonna be so messed up when their dad comes out.
2. No way, he's so R Kelly that all his kids will think is that their dad is a pansy.

1. Tom Cruise is so gay. Why doesn't he just come out?
2. Cause he's a crazy Scientologist. Dude's gonna be R Kelly for the rest of his life.
by Fredrich von Hollern September 05, 2009
To pee on someone or something
1 "It's so cold. I'm takin this blanket in the bathroom with me."

2 "Alright, but don't R. Kelly it!"
by DurBrisingr March 23, 2008
1. The act of having sex with a minor
2. Someone who has sex with a minor
1. "Man shes only 12 years old! He pulled an R Kelly!"
2. "She was 12? He's such an R Kelly!"
by Rukas February 04, 2003

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