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a substance which is sprayed at the intruder to burn his/her eyes
"dont forget your mace when its past 11"
by pootytang March 11, 2003
A r & b artist who wrote catchy hits such as " I believe I can fly " and "Feeling on your booty". He also alledgedly had sexual intercourse with a few minors.
R kelly says " They try to charge me but Im not guiillttyy"
by pootytang March 12, 2003
these mad good girl scout cookies with peanutbutter and chocolate
I was hungry so I grabbed me a box of Tagalongs!
by pootytang March 12, 2003
MMM a great place for a burger or fries of all sorts
Hey, lets go eat at Sonic and smoke mad Ls
by pootytang March 11, 2003

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