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a dude who wants to pee in ur food. if you ever see him in real life and you have ur son or daughter with you grab them and run away because r. kelly will mistake them for a port-o-potty
r.kelly has plenty of doo doo butter for everybody
by Shamrokk August 03, 2004
A famous rapper who creates songs of no relevance to anything what-so-ever.
"Did you hear R-Kelly's new song 'Pregnant'? Like wtf dude?"
by fabcookie96 December 12, 2009
When a man gets every woman he wants; then gets bored with women. He pursues young girls and gets them; gets bored with them too. Eventually he turns to homosexuality.
She married, but her husband turned into an R. Kelly.
by Nancy Wilson September 18, 2007
I don't like him..
But i really like his songz, he has a good voice =D
feelin on yo booty...
by RockReallySucks March 29, 2004
A guy who loves to pork little girls.
Hey, get off my little girl you R. Kelly
by AHHHHHHH December 11, 2003
Child molestor, who was recently quoted as saying "Osama's the only one who understands how I feel"
by Seenus September 17, 2003
(1.)Laying the "BIG DICK" down on a underage broad. (2.)Not geting caught for stroking a underaged broad. (3.)A normal man who instead of hiding his desires to pipe underaged broads, he does it, then show the world how they are beneath his excellency (see: peeing).
Man I sitting in the mall parking lot in my 04 SS on 24's, when this chick saw my car she ran up and holla at a nigga, shit I knew what was up, but she had a phat ass, so we left then I R.Kelly (1) her ass down before I took her home.

Most niggas be snaking R. Kelly (2) style out her in these streets, but that shit is on the hush.

Say what you want a bout Mr. R. Kelly (3) he's just be real to his freaky as music (no one normal if your a freak), yet he didn't have to finish her off like that.
by Nat King Cole September 30, 2006
A very talented singer who ruined his career by having sex with underage girls.
Man, that R. Kelly's music was the shit. Too bad he fucked all those little girls.
by whatmorecanisay August 02, 2004