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A skinny commercial ass, duffy duck sounding pussy, who got the shit beaten out of him at the gallery in philly.
chingy bends over and says "put it right thurr"
by Shamrokk August 03, 2004
chingy, why yo eyez so chinky.....Chingy- cause my boyfriend just busted in my eye
chingy is a commercial dope who cant rap
by Shamrokk August 03, 2004
a dude who wants to pee in ur food. if you ever see him in real life and you have ur son or daughter with you grab them and run away because r. kelly will mistake them for a port-o-potty
r.kelly has plenty of doo doo butter for everybody
by Shamrokk August 03, 2004
a gay ass white bread rich kid who i beat the sh-t out of and rob for all their money.
any prep that steps foot on K and A leaves in an ambulance.
by Shamrokk August 05, 2004
Crappy ass Iz-um that i sell to dumb ass rich kids tryin to be cool for 20 bucks a dime.
ShammYRoKK: come on buddy buy this shwag its the best u can get.

Stupid ass punk: OK dogg, im going to take it home and im going to spark it.
by Shamrokk August 05, 2004
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