The First 5 Letters on The Keyboard
by Seagulls Of Santa!!! August 12, 2008
a funny but absolutley dumb and pointless point marked by lol then silence
That was such a qwert moment
by Rachael February 02, 2004
A severe computer nerd
The qwert spent 82 straight hours playing video games on his computer
by Samuel June 01, 2003
a person who lacks sexual interest or humor; opposite of pervert
Don't be such a qwert, just look at this Playboy!
by Alexxx August 24, 2003
When a girl cums
She qwerted while being fingering by her boyfriend.
by giarc c July 31, 2003
noun, synonymous for hella fucking ballstothewall awesome
Dude, did you see Green Hornet yesterday?" "No, but I heard it was qwert
by Grritstiff January 15, 2011
Qwert derives from the top left corner of the keyboard, but really means 'like Nina.' Or, funky, funny, cool, dorky, weird, or just all over the place.
That new girl at school is sooooooo qwerty.
by neenbeen November 21, 2004

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